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Relevant Features
• Studio/Corporate Campus
• Historic Site
• 1930 Moderne vocabulary
• 1576vehicle capacity
• 7 levels
• 3 level subterranean
• 100,000 sq. ft. Mill Building

Project Highlights
Burbank, California
Disney Development
IDG Parkitects, Inc.
05/1994- 12/1995

The Zorro Parking Structure is a seven level structure containing approximately 1,576 parking stalls. It is three levels fully below grade, with the main vehicular and pedestrian entranceways at the fourth level. The three below grade levels of the structure extend towards the property and drapery building and support a new 100,000 square foot Mill Building which is located at the grade level of the structure.

The parking structure‘s architectural vocabulary incorporates detailing from the period buildings on the Disney Burbank studio lot. The proportions of the façade, the custom grillwork simulating windows and the building colors create a parking structure that fits in harmony with the campus setting. The main elevator core is situated as an icon focal point at the end of a major circulation street within the lot.

Walt Disney Imagineering designed and fabricated the stain glass panels of the animated cartoon characters; Donald, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy.

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