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Relevant Features
•  Hi Profile Campus
•  1,193 vehicle capacity
•  8 levels
•  Class A finishes
•  Entry Identity for the Campus
•  Traditional deliver

Project Highlights
Los Angeles, California
University of Southern
IDG Parkitects, Inc.
06/2005 – 07/2006

University of Southern California’s newest parking structures are designed as bookends that form the gateway to the well known Los Angeles campus as entered from Exposition Boulevard. Parking Structure 2 is an eight level two bay post tensioned concrete parking structure containing 1,193 parking stalls. It has been designed all above grade with major entrances off Exposition Boulevard and Flower Street.

The parking structure is open for ventilation and natural light. The exterior of precast concrete, brick and stone draws from the existing campus Architectural vocabulary and creates a strong sense of arrival to the expanding campus. The architectural vocabulary of the structure is definitely “Ivy League” with  sophisticated detailing which is kept clean and simple.

Major architectural emphasis is place on the vertical circulation elements of stairs and elevators. Security is of utmost importance and therefore the parking structure is fully painted, open for ventilation and natural light and incorporates a sophisticated security system.  An extensive use of landscape complements these infill structures and compliments the contemporary architectural theme.


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