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Relevant Features
•  College Campus
•  2,043 vehicle capacity
•  7 levels
•  Class A finishes
•  Full Security System

Project Highlights
Irvine, California
University of California
IDG Parkitects, Inc.
09/2005 – 08/200

This seven level parking structure contains approximately 2,043 parking stalls.  Both the surge building and parking structure recognize the campus’ neoclassical context by utilizing traditional campus materials composed by Renaissance proportional systems (with particular emphasis on the “Golden Section”), and both buildings articulate their “Base-Middle-Top” in a Renaissance manner.  The main entrances, both vehicular and pedestrian, are clearly identified by the use of a large-scale woven stainless steel scrim. A screening buffer of conifers and large canopy trees will mitigate views of the parking structure from East Peltason and the ring mall. The project also has a four story Surge Classroom and Maintenance building.  The parking structure included specific elements to obtain LEED certification for the adjacent Surge Building and surrounding site. Sustainable Design Elements include but not limited to:

  • S-2 Open Parking Structure – Natural ventilation and extensive daylight
  • Energy Efficlient Lighting within structure
  • minimizing light pollution
  • Overhangs
  • Green Materials
  • Landscape – drought resistant and native plants; water efficient irrigation
  • Recycled Waste
  • Low-e glazing (elevator shaft)
  • Disposing of materials
  • Use of Recycled materials
  • Reuse of structural forms
  • Efficient and recycled water use

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