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Relevant Features
•  Medical Campus
•  2,500 vehicle capacity
•  5 levels
•  Steep Hillside site
•  Pedestrian Bridge to Hospital
•  Nested Physician Parking

Project  Highlights
Long Beach, California
Long Beach Memorial
Medical Center
IDG Parkitects, Inc.
02/1990 – 09/1991

The Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Parking Structure, is a five level structure containing approximately 2,500 parking spaces for both doctors and patients.

The parking structure was designed to conform to rigid height standards, sloping set backs, conformance with the adjacent residential community and a two directional cross slope on the site of 15 feet in both directions.

The parking structure contains a nested reserved parking area for the doctors at the third level.

The pedestrian circulation is by means of stairs at all corners of the overall parking structure as well as a set in the middle of the parking structure. Two cores of hydraulic elevators are at each end of the parking structure and a pedestrian bridge was constructed to connect the second level of parking to the main Hospital concourse and entrance across the internal access road.

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